Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) Assembly
DBC substrates have become the most important printed circuit board technology for power electronics. They are composed of a center ceramic layer with top and bottom copper sheets bonded to the ceramic layer by a high temperature oxidation process in a nitrogen environment.

The top copper layer is preformed using printed circuit board technology to form an electrical circuit while the bottom copper layer is kept plain. The DBC substrate is attached to a heat spreader by soldering the bottom copper layer to it.

The key advantages of DBC substrates include excellent thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion which is close to that of silicon, high current carrying capability and high electrical isolation.



• Automatic Wafer Exchange
• Automatic Pepper-Pot Exchange
• Large and Small Component Capabilities
• Cognex Vision Recognition Tools




Eutectic Bonding
Wafer Ejector
Die Flipper
Eutectic Oven



Micro Assembly (MEMS)
• Pass Through Conveyor
• Waffle Tray Loader
• Dispensing System
• Tool Changer



Precision Dispensing
• Jetting
• Piston Pump
• Time/Pressure
• Screw/Auger
• Solder Paste Line
• Hotmelt




• Wafer Loaders
• Die Ejector
• Component Sorting